Yes, we carry general liability insurance in the event of any accidental unforeseen damage.

We do not offer roofing services. For the same Kaptein quality we refer all roofing customers to Kaptein Contracting LLC., a family member of ours who specializes in roofing.

We do not offer financing options. Many companies will offer "0% interest financing" but what they won't tell you is that they simply raise the price of the job by up to 20% to compensate. We urge our customers not to fall into this trap. A home equity loan from your bank is often a much better way to secure financing for home improvements.

Yes, we offer a 5 year labor warranty on all jobs. Our product manufacturers typically offer limited lifetime warranty depending on the product used on your home.

No, a building permit is not required to change the siding on your home.

Yes, new siding can reduce air movement through your walls. We can add insulation board behind the siding of your home to reduce drafting.

Yes, we continue to work on exterior projects all year long.

It is not uncommon for a vinyl siding job to last over 30 years. Vinyl siding requires very minimal maintenance. Even when vinyl siding jobs are re-sided after decades, the primary reason is for cosmetic improvements, not due to degradation of the material. 

Icicles are caused when warm air is trapped in the attic and causes snow melt and subsequent re-freezing. Often this can be solved by increasing air ventilation in your overhang and soffit without the need for extensive roofing or carpentry renovations. 



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